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Crying Day Care Choir

The phenomenon universally known as ”Crying Day Care Choir” describes how a group of children (aged 0-5) by the act of “crying” simultaneously can create a so-called “Choral perfection”. While this may only last for a blink of an eye it can be breathtakingly beautiful in all its simplicity.
These basic facts has lead a group of four young Malmöitians on a path to spread the love of the little things, the beauty of the banalities, to a world in deep need of a bright side.
By trying to communicate the pure sensation of joy that a child, or a grown up for that matter, can experience simply by riding a bike, eating popcorn on a merry-go-round or even by simply being held by someone dear, Crying Day Care Choir makes music that for a moment can pick up anyone from the deep and dark pits of daily life.
So, smile and join Crying Day Care Choir in the search for the bliss and beauty that usually is so easily overseen. Open your mind to the sight of melting snow as the days grow longer, or, simply to a group of friends, giving the concept of “Choral perfection” their best shot.
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